Askja caldeira  
Kayaking on Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon 
Eyjafjöll eruption in March 2010  
Mud pool in Namajfjall 
Geyserite in Hveravellir 
Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik 
Eyjafjöll eruption in March 2010
Black volcanic sand beach by Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon 
Namajfjall solfataras 
Lenticular cloud over Kirkjufellsvatn 
We published a book on Iceland:
'Islande splendeurs et colères d'une île'  ISBN 978-2-7011-5762-7
You can access the editor site here
You can find the book on Amazon here 
We also worked on the Michelin Guide for Islande (pictures + texte)

ISBN-10: 206718136X
ISBN-13: 978-2067181366

You can find the guide on Amazon here

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