Lava tube-generated outburst at Kamokuna.
Lava-Seawater Interaction: massive hydromagmatic explosions occur as molten lava pours into the ocean.
Close-up of the molten lava fire hose.
When the  lava tube outbursts, it generates huge hydrovolcanic explosions.
Close-up of the lava tube flow. Pahoehoe lava being very fluid, it forms such fascinating lava curls and volutes.
At times, three molten lava hoses did form, pouring all together into the ocean.
Massive hydromagmatic explosions cover up the entire height of the cliff, hiding the molten lava fire hose completely.
At dawn, pahoehoe lava shows up in full glow and magic as it slowly flows over previously formed hardened lava field.
Live birth of ropy lava.
Night show: newly opened lava stream and formation of ropy lava.
Like a knot of fire. Like a knot of life.
Spiralling ropy lava.
On the edge of the cliff, the molten lava hose gushing into the ocean generates a tremendous sense of awe.

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