On our way, on the Ice cap.

On the rim of the Grímsvötn caldera.

Visiting some solfataras zone on the ice cap.

Going down the caldeira.

Ice chaos.

The edge of the caldera (south).

Chronostratygraphy of the past eruptions (black hash into the ice).

Huge cracks on the lake side.

Open cracks (crevasse) on the lake ice.

Open cracks on the lake ice, close to the high thermal activity zone.

Global view of the caldera.

An avalanche occured (south side).

The caldera and the lake seen from the west part.

We published a book on Iceland  and a book on volcanoes:
A) Detay M., Detay A.-M. — Islande - splendeurs et colères d’une île. Belin Ed. 208 p. (2010). ISBN 978-2-7011-5762-7
B) Detay M., Detay A.-M. — Volcans - de feu et d'eau. Belin Ed. (2013). ISBN 978-2-7011-7561-4  here
We wrote a paper about Iceland and the Grímsvötn:
1) Detay M., Hróarson B. — L’Islande une île extraterrestre, in LAVE, revue de l’association de volcanologie européenne, 195, September 2019, 9-18 (2019). You can download the paper here

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